Breville is obsessed with designing espresso machines that

make third wave specialty coffee possible at home.

Our research and development team set out to understand what makes a truly great coffee. By exploring the thinking, design and engineering behind high-end commercial machines, and how it could be translated into machines that fit and work at home, without compromise. Optimising every aspect from grind to extraction and microfoam milk texture, we replicate the performance of the machines found in the world’s best cafes across our entire espresso range.

Fresh is best

The most important ingredient is freshly ground coffee. Ground coffee should be brewed within a minute of grinding to ensure you capture all the delicate aromatics in the espresso extraction.

The icon of third wave specialty coffee

Every high-end commercial espresso machine uses a portafilter, without it, it’s hard to get a great tasting coffee. Staying true to tradition, all our espresso machines use a portafilter to create that third wave specialty coffee taste.

Grinder Professional – Conical Burr

Grinders offer adjustable, accurate grind size and dose. From fresh coffee beans, the same as high-end commercial machines. Breville’s espresso machines also use the Conical Burr to bring amount, aroma and powder uniformity of coffee perfectly

Temperature control

The precise PID temperature control heating system allows for stable water temperature throughout the extraction process, while low pressure pre-infusion and 9 bar extraction pressure deliver the perfect flavour balance.

Microfoam from Feshmilk

The steam wand design, right down to the tip’s configuration, creates the right steam pressure to produce silky microfoam milk for that sweet, balanced flavour, and allows you to create latte art.

The science of microfoam milk